CTI Scholars at Ethics Conference

by Joshua Mauldin

CTI was well represented at the annual meeting of the Society of Christian Ethics in Toronto, Canada, January 7-10, 2016, which is held in conjunction with its partner organizations the Society of Jewish Ethics and the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics. Three members of the 2015-16 Inquiry presented papers at the conference. Frederick Simmons presented a paper titled “Re-Evaluating the Role of Cosmology in Christian Environmental Ethics,” Andrea Vicini presented on “The Societal Implications of Astrobiology: The Role of Emotions,” and Neil Arner presented a paper titled “Prospects for an Ecumenical Ethics: Signs of Common Moral Witness.”

CTI Members from the 2014-15 Inquiry on Law and Religious Freedom also presented their work at the SCE. Robin Lovin, John Burgess, Mark Modak-Truran, Joshua Mauldin, and David Decosimo participated in a panel discussion at the Law and Ethics Interest Group, convened by Cathleen Kaveny and Jonathan Rothchild. In a session of the Society for the Study of Muslim Ethics, David Decosimo presented a paper titled “Political Freedom as an Islamic Value.” John Burgess contributed to a panel discussion on “Political Theology in Post-Communist Orthodoxy.” Congratulations to these CTI members for their recent academic achievements! 

(Photo: Left to right, John Burgess, Mark Modak-Truran, and David Decosimo.)