CTI Scholars Share Research with Business Leaders

by William Storrar

2016-01Luce Seminar GroupAnthropologist Agustin Fuentes and psychologist Michael Spezio shared their research on the science of cooperation, creativity, and courage with an invited group of senior business leaders at a CTI International seminar this month. The business leaders from France and the USA are all actively engaged in fostering health and wellbeing in their companies. They welcomed this opportunity to exchange their professional expertise with the findings of two research scientists on this topic. Fuentes and Spezio in turn drew on their own interdisciplinary dialogue with theologians at CTI to offer their insights on moral imagination and spiritual motivation in human behavior.

CTI convened the seminar in collaboration with Professor Dominique Steiler, Director of the Center for Mindfulness, Wellbeing at Work and Economic Peace at the Grenoble Ecole de Management, France, and currently a research fellow at CTI. CTI Director William Storrar said this seminar was a good example of CTI’s mission statement in action – sharing the discoveries in CTI’s interdisciplinary research environment to change the way people think and act.