CTI in The Christian Century

by William Storrar

The current Inquiry on Evolution & Human Nature at CTI will reach a wider audience this month when the leading American journal The Christian Century publishes a conversation among some of the scientists and theologians working together on this topic at the Center.

Scientists Dominic Johnson, Jeffrey Schloss, Lee Cronk, and Richard Sosis join theologians Celia Deane-Drummond, Jan-Olav Henriksen, Conor Cunningham, Eugene Rogers, Robert Song, and Aku Visala in a wide-ranging discussion on religion in evolutionary perspective that offers a different viewpoint from the New Atheist writers like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Daniel Dennett. The mutually respectful exchange of ideas among these visiting scholars will give readers a flavor of the constructive dialogue between science and theology at CTI this year.

The project at CTI this year has attracted an unusual group of theologians and scientists, those open, honest and humble enough to share not only their insights but also their willingness to be vulnerable in an multi-disciplinary context. This article shows something of the fruitfulness of that exchange between evolutionary biologists, anthropologists, philosophers and theologians. Difficulties are not so much papered over but become part of the genuine challenge and search for understanding. Developing a community project does not always come easily to those in the humanities. But this is precisely what we have managed to achieve this year.

- Celia Deane-Drummond, Senior Research Fellow, CTI Inquiry on Evolution & Human Nature

You can read this article, entitled "Adaptive Faith: A Roundtable Discussion on Religion in Evolutionary Perspective," in the latest issue of The Christian Century, February 20th, 2013. For more information visit The Christian Century website here.

For more information on the research projects of these scientists and theologians at CTI, and their other colleagues in the Inquiry on Evolution & Human Nature, click here.