Douglas Ottati on "Life is a Mystery"

by William Storrar

Theologian Douglas Ottati delived a public lecture on “Life is a Mystery” at the Center on March 13. Ottati is the Craig Family Distinguished Professor of Reformed Theology and Justice at Davidson College, North Carolina, and author of a new two volume systematic theology. He was introduced to an appreciative audience of scholars and friends of CTI by Robin Lovin, the Center’s Director of Research. Ottati described the theme of his address in this way:

Life in all its complexity is increasingly open to investigation, yet life as we experience it remains a mystery. Scientific discoveries, complex economies, and changing social realities all demand our attention, challenge our assumptions, and provoke us to action. Liberal Protestant theology affirms this diversity in our experience without accepting the fragmentation of our knowing and acting. The ancient affirmation of God the Creator continues to give unity to the many worlds of our experience and allows the mystery at the center to remain a source of hope.

You can listen to Ottati’s lecture below.

Ottati & Hobson on Liberal Theology

On the following afternoon, March 14, Ottati was joined by the Anglican theologian Theo Hobson to discuss their two new books on liberal Christianity and theology in conversation with Robin Lovin and an audience from the Center’s resident community of scholars, the Princeton academic community and local public. After exploring their understandings of the terms "liberal Christianity and liberal theology” with the two authors, Lovin opened up the conversation to a lively discussion with the audience.

Douglas Ottati, Theology for Liberal Protestants, available here

Theo Hobson, Reinventing Liberal Christianity, available here

As an ecumenical institute, the Center welcomes outstanding scholars from across the theological spectrum and this was yet another rich and stimulating contribution on an important theological tradition of Christian thought and practice. Among those taking part in the conversation with Ottati and Hobson was Stephen Pope, a leading Catholic theologian from Boston College and currently a resident Senior Research Fellow in our current Inquiry on Religious Experience & Moral Identity. Pope will be delivering the Center’s annual William Witherspoon Lecture on Theology & the Natural Sciences on Thursday May 15 at 7:30 pm at Luce Hall. For more information on Pope’s lecture, click here.