Inquiry on Law and Religious Freedom is Underway

by Robin Lovin

From the Director of Research

The Inquiry on Law and Religious Freedom, third year of the New Approaches in Theological Inquiry project, has begun work with a resident team of twelve scholars for fall 2014, including seven researchers in legal studies and five in theology. The group begins its work with substantial interdisciplinary experience. Three members have studied both law and theology, and two were participants in the CTI study group on religion and international law that began working together in 2006. The fellows represent a range of European and American experience, and they will be joined in the spring by a religion scholar from mainland China. 

Resident fellows have been sharing their work in progress in weekly Colloquium meetings, and they have participated in several events hosted by Princeton University’s Program in Law and Public Affairs. The cooperation with LAPA has been a highlight of this year and marks a new level of engagement between CTI and the Princeton academic community. The fall program has also featured an International Symposium, with a keynote lecture by Jeremy Waldron that is now available elsewhere on our website. A Princeton Seminar on November 6 will bring the CTI fellows together for discussion with Anver Emon on the topic of his recent book, Religious Pluralism and Islamic Law: Dhimmis and Others in the Empire of Law (Oxford, 2012). To read more news about the Inquiry, click here.