Mary Ellen O'Connell Delivers Delft Lecture in Netherlands

by Joshua Mauldin

Prof. Mary Ellen O’Connell, Senior Research Fellow at CTI in 2014-15, recently gave a distinguished lecture at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. An expert on international law and professor at the University of Notre Dame, Prof. O’Connell’s lecture was titled “The Future of Peace, War, and Weapons.” Describing her lecture topic, Prof. O’Connell writes, “In responding in Grotian terms to challenges to the international law of peace, I am putting new hope in aesthetic philosophy--the philosophy of beauty, which supports Grotius’s optimistic view of humanity, his view that our interest in others, our social nature and capacity for altruism are as true of us as is self-interest.  With a more balanced view of humanity, the case for respecting international law, especially, the prohibition on the resort to military force, becomes compelling. The philosophy of beauty adds strength to the Grotian response to Hobbes and can renew us in the work that must be done for a future of peace.”