Lecture on Global Concerns with Robin Lovin, Listen Now!

by Joshua Mauldin

Dr. Robin Lovin, Senior Research Fellow at CTI, gave the first annual Lecture on Global Concerns, a new lecture series recently launched at the Center. Dr. Lovin’s lecture, titled “Relocating the Moral Vocabulary of American Politics,” included within a sweeping history of the Western political tradition an analysis of the contemporary dissatisfaction with politics, a proposal for a recovery of an Aristotelian conception of politics, and an examination of the various social institutions in which this is taking place. A response to Dr. Lovin’s lecture was provided by Dr. Shaun Casey, U.S. Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs, U.S. Department of State. The lecture was very well attended by residents of Princeton and the surrounding area, culminating in a rich discussion of this important issue of the moral vocabulary of American politics.