CTI Outreach Lectures in New Zealand

by Joshua Mauldin

Peter Danchin Lecture - New Zealand

CTI Member Peter Danchin and CTI Director William Storrar recently traveled to New Zealand for CTI Outreach Lecture events at the University of Otago.  Senior Research Fellow in the 2014-15 Inquiry on Law and Religious Freedom, Peter Danchin gave a lecture titled “Can There Be a Unified Theory of Religious Freedom?” Regarding his lecture, Danchin writes, 

"The three key concepts in modern religious freedom discourse are neutrality, universality and legality, each term defined in close relation to the others. What is increasingly recognised, however, is the extent to which these concepts are inextricably entangled, historically and substantively, with theological concepts and categories. In drawing out these connections and assessing their implications for three central questions concerning the subject, object and justification of the right to religious liberty, this lecture asks whether there can be a unified theory of religious freedom and in what sense we can say the right is independent of religious traditions and the contested notions of freedom within them."

The lecture was hosted by the Centre for Theology and Public Issues and its Director, Professor David Tombs.  In addition to the August 19 Lecture, Professor Danchin and Dr. Ben Schontal of the University of Otago led a seminar conversation on August 18 on the relationship between law and religion.

For more information visit the News section for the University of Otago: http://www.otago.ac.nz/ctpi/news/

Peter Danchin, David Tombs, Ben Schontal

Pictured above left to right:  Peter Danchin, with Professor David Tombs: Director of Otago University's Centre for Theology and Public Issues (CTPI), and Dr. Ben Schontal: Lecturer in Asian Religions, Department of Theology and Religion.