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Andrea Vicini
Boston College


The Role of Emotions: Scientific, Anthropological and Ethical Perspectives

As an Italian Jesuit, pediatrician, and moral theologian, teaching at Boston College I have long appreciated the need for ecumenical theological work, interdisciplinarity, and the relationship between science and ethics. Reflecting on astrobiology will expand and strengthen my studies on emerging scientific research–having already published on the social implications of genetics, new biotechnologies, as well as trans- and posthumanism. I appreciate scientific progress and I articulate an ethical agenda that promotes flourishing, responsibility, justice, and the common good. I hope to contribute my experience in theological ethics and medicine to the inquiry on the societal implications of other scientific disciplines (e.g., genetics, biotechnologies, sustainability, and global health). I look forward to participating in interdisciplinary ethical conversations that will provide theoretical and practical resources for addressing astrobiology’s societal implications. 

Andrea Vicini S.J., is a pediatrician with a PhD in theological ethics from Boston College and a STD from the Faculty of Theology of Southern Italy (Naples). He is currently associate professor of moral theology and interim chair of the Ecclesiastical Faculty of the School of Theology and Ministry. Specializing in fundamental moral theology, bioethics, sexuality, medical ethics, and environmental issues, he has published numerous articles and book chapters. In 2015 he co-edited two collections: Just Sustainability: Technology, Ecology, and Resource Extraction (with Christiana Z. Peppard) and The Legacy of Vatican II (with Massimo Faggioli). Forthcoming are his volume Emerging Issues in Theological Bioethics: Global Health, Regenerative Medicine, Neuroscience, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology and essays on sustainability, communication in medical settings, and ethical issues in global health.