David Decosimo
Loyola University of Maryland

No Lord but God: Domination in Christianity and Islam

Project description:

A comparative analysis of domination in Christianity and Islam, this book shows that despite tendencies toward domination in each tradition, both possess resources that enable adherents to agree on what constitutes domination and to critique and resist it together. Deepening our conception of these traditions and domination itself, the book proposes a conception of inclusive non-domination that finds its roots in both faiths and helps fund the shared pursuit of justice and rejection of oppressive laws and unjust violence. The project advances a theological vision of civic friendship and political order in which neither insider nor outsider is dominated and in which God and his relation to the world are imagined in ways that preserve his transcendence and his priority in ethics without tempting us to think him implicated in domination. 



David Decosimo is Assistant Professor of Theology at Loyola University Maryland. His work concerns ethics, religion and politics, philosophy of religion, and theory of religion, especially surrounding Christian relations with Muslims, Jews, and atheists. His first book, Ethics as a Work of Charity: Thomas Aquinasand Pagan Virtue (Stanford 2014), argues that Aquinas welcomes outsiders and their virtue not in spite but because of his distinctive Christian convictions. His second book Three Tasks of Christian Ethics, which is nearing completion, offers a new way of understanding the work of Christian ethics and an account of how and why that work so often goes awry..