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Dominique Steiler
Grenoble Ecole de Management, France


Economics, Wellbeing, Spirituality and Mindfulness

I am excited at the prospect of weaving the common thread of my research - the dynamic relationship between biological and mental life - into our inquiry on astrobiology and its implications for life in society. Whether teaching and coaching in physical education and high level, Olympic sports performance, serving as a jet pilot, or now conducting applied research on wellbeing, mindfulness and peace building in the economy, a scientific knowledge of the biological basis of life is a core requirement of my work. The opportunity the Center of Theological Inquiry and NASA have given me to engage in dialogue with leading scientists on their search for life in the universe and to reflect on its implications for ideas of life operating in the economy and business world is a rare privilege that I embrace with gratitude.

Dominique Steiler is a Senior professor and, since 1999, director of the Center for Personal and Managerial Development at Grenoble Ecole de Management. His research and consultancy focus is on personal development, stress management and well-being, and their relationship to performance. Initially educated as a professional of social rehabilitation and later as a fighter jet pilot officer in the French Fleet Air Arm, the operational and relationship-based approach he uses is both pragmatic and humanist. Dominique has delivered leadership programs and coaching interventions for corporate executives and Olympic teams and holds a doctorate in Management from Newcastle upon Tyne University.