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Judith Gundry
Yale University


The Body, Sex, Sexual Reproduction, and Gender

I aim to relate the ideal of embodied existence which I reconstruct in 1 Corinthians, based on a historical critical analysis, to embodied existence as understood in the field of astrobiology. Since one part of my project focuses on sex, sexual reproduction, and gender, I am particularly interested in questions such as the evidence for sex/sexual difference apart from sexual reproduction, the possible evolutionary advantage or disadvantage in sexual reproduction, the possibility that sexual reproduction serves the purpose of combining advantageous genes and/or evading the accumulation of disadvantageous mutations, the implication of these for gender – and new discoveries in the field of astrobiology that shed light on these issues. Since my project addresses the more general question of the sustainability of life on Earth and how this has been, or may be, impacted by a programmatic early Christian statement on “using the world,” I am interested in new discoveries about life on other planets that may shed light on sustainability. Since my project also looks at the moral and social aspects of the ideal, embodied life in early Christian thought, I am interested in how these kind of views may play into astrobiologists’ assumptions on what life will look like in alien contexts.

Judith M. Gundry is Research Scholar and Associate Professor (Adjunct) of New Testament at Yale Divinity School. She came to Yale in 1998 after having been on the faculties of the Evandjeosko-teoloski-institut in the former Yugoslavia and Fuller Theological Seminary. She earned the Th.D. from the Eberhard-Karls University of Tübingen, Germany (1988), M.A. from Fuller Theological Seminary (1980), and B.A. from Westmont College (1978). Her research focuses on the letters of the Paul, and on early Christian views on women, gender, and the family. She is the author of Paul and Perseverance: Staying in and Falling Away (1990), co-author of A Spacious Heart: Essays on Identity and Belonging (1997), and has published numerous scholarly articles. She is an active member of the Studiorum Novi Testamenti Societas, the Society of Biblical Literature, and various editorial boards and steering committees.