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Lucas Mix
Harvard University


Meanings of Life

My research into meanings of life will be enhanced by work at CTI in three ways. First, very few institutions have a concentration of scholars working on the societal implications of astrobiology. As my research depends on identifying and articulating a diversity of stakeholders and perspectives, I can imagine no better aid to progress than weekly interaction around these issues. Second, my research requires a breadth of resources in science, philosophy, history, theology, and popular culture. Princeton provides a world-­class library as  well as university and seminary faculty interested in questions of science and religion. Third, a year of support will allow me to devote the time and energy necessary to articulate a systematic approach to such diverse issues.


Lucas Mix studies concepts of life as approached in biology, history of science, and theology. He holds a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology from Harvard and serves as a priest in the Episcopal Church. Dr. Mix has been involved with the NASA Astrobiology Institute since 1999, working on interdisciplinary communication, and producing introductions for specialists (The Astrobiology Primer) and the public (Life in Space: Astrobiology for Everyone). He works as a college chaplain, lecturer and research scholar and specializes in facilitating communication between fields.