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William Werpehowski
Georgetown University


Forgiveness Between Parents and Children

In my capacity and work as McDevitt Professor of Catholic Theology at Georgetown, my research, scholarship, and teaching will be enriched generally by the Astrobiology Inquiry as it is an increasingly significant subject for Roman Catholic reflection and just so bears on central theological topics such as the character of creation, the reach of divine redemption, and the meaning of Christian love. My attention to forgiveness between parents and children works out an account of forgiveness as a feature of Christian agape, as it is related to, incarnate within, and redeeming what I take to be the a gift of creation, the love constitutive of parental-child bonds. The specific analyses, arguments, and conclusions I reach will necessarily involve and reflect a more general and critically expansive vision of agape, and therefore will pertain to Christian responses to the inquiries and discoveries of astrobiology. 

William Werpehowski holds the Robert L. McDevitt, K.S.G., K.C.H.S. and Catherine H. McDevitt L.C.H.S. Chair in Catholic Theology at Georgetown University.  He is the author of Karl Barth and Christian Ethics: Living in Truth (Ashgate, 2014) and American Protestant Ethics and the Legacy of H. Richard Niebuhr (Georgetown University Press, 2002). He has also co-edited, with Gilbert Meilaender, The Oxford Handbook of Theological Ethics (Oxford, 2005). A former president of the Society of Christian Ethics, Werpehowski worked at Villanova University for over three decades before joining the Georgetown faculty, and directed its Center for Peace and Justice Education from 1999-2010.